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Holding My Breath

She appears “normal” and healthy on the outside. She does everything your 4 year old does. She laughs the same. She throws a temper tantrum the same. She thinks potty humor is the funniest thing ever just the same. She comes into your room 20 times every night before...

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SADS Spotlight: Jaren

Name: Jaren BergAge: 10Which SADS condition do you have? LQTS Type 1 When were you diagnosed? November 2017 at age 9 How are you treated? Nadolol 40mg, Left Cardiac Sympathetic Denervation, ICD How/when were you diagnosed?We went to Mayo in November 2017 for a second...

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SADS Spotlight: Alison

Alison and her husband after competing in the 2018 USAT Duathlon National Championship! Name: Alison HegeAge: 30Which SADS condition do you have? CPVTWhen were you diagnosed? May 2016 How are you treated? 60mg Nadalol daily, Left cardiac sympathetic denervation...

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SADS Spotlight: Chevy

Chevy with his sister Zoiey Name: Chevy Mathis Age: 10Which SADS condition do you have? CPVT When were you diagnosed? February 2017 after a cardiac arrest How are you treated?Nadolol 2x daily, Flecainide 3x daily, and his “Iron Man Arc Reactor” AKA- his ICD What...

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