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  1. Why is this particular brand the best one in my circumstances and not the other brands (the brands are Abbott (formerly St Jude), Boston Scientific, Medtronic, and Biotronik)?
  2. How many leads will I have and why?
  3. Are the leads and ICD going to be the same brand?
  4. What are the risks to having ICD implanted?
  5. What kind of anesthesia would be use and why?
  6. What antibiotics are going to be use to prevent infection?
  7. If I am allergic to certain antibiotics, what alternatives will be used?
  8. What restrictions will I have after ICD implant and for how long these restrictions are for?
  9. Will I get a manual that explains what kind of electronic devices I should stay away from and how far away that may have a interference to my ICD?
  10. Where is the ICD and lead (s) going to be placed and how is it going to be placed?
  11. If you are concern with the ICD being noticeable, you could ask is there a way to ensure the ICD does not stick out or be noticeable on my body type and size?
  12. Where is  the incision going to be?
  13. How big is the incision going to be?
  14. For females, you may want to ask if the incision can be done in a way so that when you wear bras the strap does not rub against the incision?
  15. What are the settings going to be on the ICD and why?
  16. How long is the surgery going to take?
  17. How long should I take off from work or school for the surgery?
  18. What is going to be use to close up the incision?
  19. Will I be able to shower after the surgery?
  20. Will I need to stay overnight in the hospital?
  21. DFT (defibrillation threshold testing) is not routinely done anymore and only done in some special circumstances but there are still some doctors that still do DFT. If they say DFT has to be done ask why is it necessary in my circumstances and why am I the exception?
  22. Will I be getting the home monitoring in the hospital when I get discharge or will it be mailed to me?
  23. Will I still be able to do the things I like to do after ICD implant?
  24. How much pain will I be in after the surgery?
  25. What pain meds will be given to ease my pain?
  26. How should I prepare before the surgery?
  27. Should I take my meds the morning of the procedure?
  28. Will the lead (s) be single coil or dual coil?
  29. If it is dual coil, why do I need a dual coil instead of single coil?
  30. What is the difference between the epicardial and trans venous lead implant method?
  31. Will the lead (S) be epicardial or trans venous and why?
  32. What are the benefits and risks of epicardial lead (s)?
  33. What are the benefits and risks of trans venous lead (s)?
  34. Will the ICD be stitch in place to avoid movement and migration?