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Some positives & observations of now being a walker & not a runner:
1.   When it’s 4:30 in the morning I don’t even know cause I’m still sleeping;
2.   I don’t have to experience being 20 miles into a marathon feeling like hell & say, shoot, I still got another 10k;
3.   I can take more time as I’m walking experiencing my setting since I’m not moving as quickly;
4.   I don’t get asked anymore, how long was that marathon?
5.   I don’t look down at runners I can tell are inexperienced based on what they’re wearing & how they’re running, but think, shoot, if I stayed running like they are I wouldn’t be in my predicament now.
6.   I don’t have to experience the disappointment of not getting a PR;
7.   I don’t get back from a walk with my shorts so wet it couldn’t get more wet even if I jumped into the pool;
8.   My feet actually look good & don’t look gross & scary anymore;
9.   On Saturday nights I can walk normal with no crazy amount of soreness in my legs & hips;
10.  No more crazy hard workouts trying to hang on for dear life;
11.  No more chafing;
12.  Not feeling the Dallas sun beating down on me as I’m finishing the last few miles of a 20-24 miler;
13.  Not worried about how I’m gonna be able to make it to the next toilet;
14.  No more barely able to walk in the days following a marathon;
15.  Learning how to talk about other things besides running-well-getting there…