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Name: Dominik Amromin

Age: 10

Which SADS condition do you have? Wolff Parkinson’s White (WPW) Syndrome

When were you diagnosed? 5 days old

How are you treated? He’s been on propanol and now is on atenolol 25mg.

How/when were you diagnosed? 

He was born in a military installation and 25 doctors were looking at him because they were unsure of what was going on as he was having an “episode”. They tried to freeze shock his body to stop his heart and that didn’t work then they called in a priest before they moved to a defibrillator because they thought for sure he was not going to make it, because his heart rate was so high. He made it and spent 3 weeks in the NIC Unit and since then he has been going strong ever since.

What does your day-to-day life look like? 

Dominik starts his stress test and heart studies this May of 2020 as they want to study to see how much more his heart can grow before they start testing thinking about a way to correct it as he’s been on medicine for such a long time. He spends his days going to school and wants to be the next “Marshmello” (which is a DJ) but loves to play baseball because he’s a lefty and can hit home runs. As far as being active he does tire out quickly but he’s learned to listen to his body because if he’s not too careful he can get dizzy.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced living with your diagnosis?

When he was 4 he wanted to play football but his cardiologist told him no way. He is still not mad by that remark! When he was getting older and into school and would have to wear a heart monitor there, his Cardiologist and I would call him Iron Man and felt proud by that Iron Man became one of his favorite superheroes.

How has the SADS Foundation been helpful to you?

SADS has been helpful to Dominik because due to his condition, schools go by the SADS emergency guidelines for his care and his Cardiologist signs it. As a result, AEDs were put in his school system because he was the first kid to have any type of heart condition identified in that school district. He is such a strong and amazing kid.