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SADS Spotlight: Chevy

Chevy with his sister Zoiey Name: Chevy Mathis Age: 10Which SADS condition do you have? CPVT When were you diagnosed? February 2017 after a cardiac arrest How are you treated?Nadolol 2x daily, Flecainide 3x daily, and his “Iron Man Arc Reactor” AKA- his ICD What...

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Our LQTS Story

We first contacted SADS when my middle child was 8 years old and had several “episodes” that looked like seizures.  We had no idea what the problem was.  His brain scans were good.  His pediatrician told me “oh, all 8 year olds faint now and then”,...

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Selfies With AEDs

Do you notice AEDs in your community? If you’re at work, out shopping, working out or participating in your everyday activities - could you find the AED immediately if someone were to need it? I’m the mom of two girls with Long QT and I wasn’t in the habit of noticing...

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