SADS Action Alert: CDC Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program Funding

Dear Alice,

Rapidly rising healthcare costs plague our already troubled economy, and too many lives are lost to heart disease and stroke every day. We know that heart disease and stroke prevention saves lives and can save our country millions of dollars down the line, but Congress has not provided adequate funding for prevention programs in many states.

The Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program- a program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)- helps educate Americans about heart disease and stroke, including information about risk factors, and signs and symptoms, and how they can live a healthy lifestyle free of heart disease and stroke. It also helps improve emergency response and quality of care for heart disease and stroke patients.



What We Need...

Prevention is the best way to save lives from heart disease and stroke, and it's a wise investment that will help keep our nation's healthcare costs in check. Yet many states receive little or no funding for the CDC Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program due to limited resources.

Members of Congress will soon be submitting their funding priorities for the 2010 federal budget. You can help ensure that heart disease and stroke prevention are on that priority list by sending a message to your lawmakers today.


What You Can Do...

SADS families understand that education and prevention are key to saving lives. Please let your lawmakers know that you support the CDC's efforts to prevent and educate about the risks and warning signs of stroke and heart disease.

Contact your Member of Congress now!

And last, but not least, let us know about what you did! Thank you for all your support in helping to secure funding for much needed health care programs.


Alice Lara
Alice Lara

SADS Foundation


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