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2008 Awareness News
Giving Thanks!

Dear Alice,

Because November is a time for showing gratitude, and because we could not be successful without the efforts of our friends and supporters, we at the SADS Foundation want to give thanks to you, our volunteers, for your hard work in promoting safe schools and communities for kids and young people living with heart conditions.  Keep reading to learn more about what some of our volunteers have been up to recently! 
In Massachusetts....

We received a letter from Suebeth Brown, an RN at Massachusetts General Hospital and the mother of children with Long QT.  She has invested a lot of time spreading awareness in her hospital and has put together a program about Long QT which was presented to 55 nurses with 3 additional requests for the program in the near future.  Not only that but she's been busy distributing more than 700 posters to 70 different sites around the hospital.  Way to go Suebeth!
In Wisconsin....

Trisha Rohloff, a Long QT patient and the mother of 2 children with the disorder shared a recent experience giving a speech on Long QT in one of her college classes.  Because of this speech, her teacher, who'd been experiencing abnormal heart symptoms but wasn't satisfied with the doctors inability to diagnose anything, went to the hospital again and is finally receiving the attention she needs.  Her teacher thanked Trisha for giving her the courage to speak up and ask more questions! 
In Pennsylvania....

The SADS Foundation was pleased to be a part of the Abington School District's Health and Wellness Fair in Abington, PA. The fair was a great success. Lots of people came out for it and we got to spread the word about SADS. Thanks to the great people working at the Abington school district to help us get the message about SADS awareness out.
January Conferences

Join us for two educational conferences in
New York City
this January.  To read more about it and to register for the conferences click here or see our website,

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We Love our Volunteers!

Much thanks to all of you for your help and support and don't forget that there are many other ways to get involved with the SADS Foundation.  Check out the links to our website in the sidebar or learn about how you can help at  We can't wair to hear from you!

Olivia Daubin
SADS Awareness Month
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